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Newsweek World’s Best Hospital 2022

Newsweek World’s Best Hospital 2022

Jeddah - For the first time, the American Magazine “Newsweek” has selected 29 hospitals from the Kingdom among the best hospitals in the world for the year 2022.

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (DSFH) was selected in Newsweek's annual list of the best hospitals in the world. According to experts who guided this classification, the context of this year's report is based on how hospitals in 27 countries battled COVID-19 to date.

The classification aims to highlight how these hospitals, including DSFH, quickly adapted to the sudden challenges faced. The COVID-19 crisis forced leading hospitals to improvise quick solutions without abandoning their commitment to patient care.

In Newsweek's annual report, what sets a leading hospital apart is its continued ability to deliver the highest-quality patient care and medical research while combating the virus. During the past two years, there was a high need to convert beds to ICU beds, close large sections off and manage staffing shortages. With the exemplary commitment and performance of doctors, nursing teams, and ancillary staff, there is a section based on the ability to continuously innovate and maintain excellence over a long period.

Dr.Soliman Fakeeh Hospital continuously participates in virtual meetings to maintain and meet organizational goals, and establish innovative aids and support for the community. Furthermore, DSFH is proactive in having the most coherent infrastructure equipped with sophisticated technologies in all high-risk areas.

Dr.Soliman Fakeeh Hospital is ranked 1st place among private hospitals in the Kingdom and 6th place among hospitals in the public sector with a score of 83.3%. It is noteworthy that the selection of 29 hospitals from the Kingdom this year is among 2,200 hospitals in 27 countries.

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