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Exceptional Care with Excellence and Compassion

As part of the healthcare transformation of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital  Riyadh is the first expansion of Fakeeh Care Group into Riyadh with the vision to build on an integrated health model and the legacy of Fakeeh Care providing patient-centered, compassionate, and safe healthcare based on the highest-quality, evidence-based international healthcare standards.

At Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital - Riyadh, you an individual with unique medical conditions and concerns that receive personalized care from qualified, caring professionals who use the latest in medical equipment and technology. At Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Riyadh, our healthcare professionals work to earn both the patient’s and their families’ trust. Without exception, Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital - Riyadh puts safety and quality healthcare first and empowers its physicians and other medical care providers to best serve you.

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital-Riyadh strives for excellence in everything it does. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and are designed for efficient and effective treatment as well as patient and family comfort and convenience. With ample spaces and bright, spacious rooms designed to enhance physical and mental well-being, you and your family can relax knowing that you or your loved one are receiving the best care.

Daily, our medical professionals go above and beyond to create and provide a personalized, comprehensive health plan that exceeds the expectations of our patients and meets the highest levels of international healthcare standards.

Those health care plans are developed in collaboration with the patient and family, and this partnership makes the healthcare journey of each of our patients easier and leads to the best health outcomes possible.

Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Riyadh is a place of compassion, healing, hope, and excellence. Our mission is to help you celebrate living and find strength.  From the receptionist to the doctors and the rest of the healthcare team, we at Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Riyadh are determined to provide exemplary care.