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Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Riyadh offers a diverse grade of accommodation including VIP Suits, Ambassador Suits, and General Private Rooms. All rooms are fully furnished with an info-entertainment system, a multi-channel satellite television, and a personal bathroom. When booking your accommodation please speak to an Admissions Officer who will assist you, each room is subject to availability.

During the patient’s stay, the consulting physician will order the type of diet that best meets your needs during the hospital stay. The patient’s meals are planned by a registered dietician to meet each patient’s specific diet order. Nutritional well-being is an important part of the recovery, and a registered dietitian is available to answer any questions regarding the meal plan ordered. If a specific meal plan is not available, the patient has the option to request continental meals and meals based on dietary preferences through the tablet available in every patient room. Patient meals are included with the room charge. Additional meals and refreshments for guests can be requested at an extra charge.

On the day of admission

Most surgical patients are admitted in the morning for planned surgeries, all conditions will require a pre-operative assessment and an anesthetic evaluation which necessitate visiting the preoperative clinic prior to your surgery. Upon arrival, please proceed to the Admissions Office which functions from 8:00AM to 9:00 PM, Sunday to Thursday. Friday admissions will be completed at the Emergency Department. In the case that our Admissions Office is closed, please visit our Emergency Department.