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Patient Rights

Being a patient at Fakeeh Care, You have the right to

  1. Know your rights and responsibilities.
  2. Expect respectful care without discrimination as to race, color, religion, gender, nationality or source of payment of hospital bill and that your values, belives and spiritual needs will be respected.
  3. Choose your treating physician and ask for a second opinion if you want as per the hospital regulation.
  4. Know the identity and speciality of the attending physician and all members involved in the care treatment plan.
  5. Receive a reasonable explanation and information relevant to your diagnosis, management plan, treatment and expected outcomes, and to have the chance to ask questions and have clear answers before you sign any consent form.
  6. Get a pain assessment and management during your stay.
  7. Refuse on Your responsibility to undergo a test or intervention or to stay in the hospital.
  8. Be treated with privacy where all your medical and non-medical information to be kept with confidentiality consistent with providing your adequate medical care and consistent with the hospital and the Kingdom’s rules and regulations.
  9. Obtain copies for your medical reports upon request.
  10. Be transferred to another hospital upon your request if your condition permits the transfer.
  11. Know the estimated cost of any required admission or procedure and receive adequate explanation of the charges.
  12. Express your concerns, suggestions, compliment, ethical inquiry or submit a complaint and receive feedback.
  13. Be treated in safe and Secure Environment

Patient Responsibilities

In order to provide you with an optimal care, we expect from you and your family to assume the following responsibilities

  1. Provide the treating physician and care providers with adequate and accurate information about past illnesses, hospitalization, medication and other matters relating to your health history.
  2. Cooperate with all hospital personnel and ask questions if you don’t understand direction and procedures.
  3. Not to take any medication that has not been prescribed by your physician.
  4. Comply with the hospital rules and regulations in case of refusing the planned diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical procedure.
  5. Be considerate of other patients and ask your visitors to be so as well.
  6. Be accountable for paying for all services rendered. A patient doesn't have the right to leave the hospital before having paid his or her entire medical bill or submitting the approval or contracted third party payer/s.