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The nephrology unit at Soliman Fakeeh Hospital – Riyadh is a comprehensive unit with experienced physicians and nurses specializing in providing care to adults with a variety of kidney diseases. The nephrology team provides care in the outpatient or emergency setting and to people admitted to the hospital.

The nephrology team aims to provide early diagnosis of kidney diseases and provide the appropriate treatment. Examples of diseases treated by nephrology include:

Acute Kidney Injury

This rarely occurs in healthy people. However, it can occur as a complication in patients with severe diseases such as bloodstream infections, acute heart failure, etc. Rarely, this can result in an adverse effect of medications

Chronic Kidney Disease

This typically results from uncontrolled chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Kidney specialists aim to preserve kidney function and treat complications arising from decreased kidney function such as anemia and electrolyte imbalance.

Autoimmune Kidney Diseases

These include glomerular diseases (an example includes lupus nephritis). These diseases can present with protein loss in the urine, blood in the urine, or decreased kidney function. Prompt diagnosis and treatment can prevent long-term complications.

Diabetic Kidney Disease

Kidney involvement in uncontrolled diabetes mellitus is quite common. This can be prevented by early diagnosis and employing a healthy lifestyle and diet. Some cases require treatment with kidney protective agents.

Hypertension Resistant to Treatment

In rare cases, high blood pressure can be resistant to treatment. In such cases, further investigations to rule out kidney diseases, narrowing in kidney vessels, or endocrinological disease may be necessary to choose the appropriate treatment.

Pregnancy and Kidney Diseases

The existence of kidney diseases in pregnancy is rare. However, such cases are considered to be high-risk pregnancies and should be followed by high-risk maternal-fetal medicine and nephrology experts if needed.

Kidney Diseases Related to Recurrent Stones

In cases of frequent kidney stones, analysis of urine composition by a nephrologist may be warranted to prevent the occurrence of further stones. Such cases are typically managed by urology and nephrology.