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Dr. Halaa Abdulrahman AlMuayqil

Dr. Halaa Abdulrahman AlMuayqil

Dietary and Clinical Nutrition Departmen
Dietary and Clinical Nutrition Departmen

Evaluation of nutritional status of healthy individuals, chronic patient, critical cases, weight issues, and at helreathees.

professionally qualified ClinicalDietitian with more than seven years of clinical care and management experience.

She has worked in several valuable positions including dietary services and Clinical Nutrition manger, Clinical Dietitian for ICU, NICU and cancer patients and Breastfeeding Coordinator.

Before joining Fakeeh hospital, she launched her career at Frankfurt Hospitals where she was responsible for the nutrition for the Oncology clinic. Then she worked at Alhammadi hospital as head of clinical nutrition department, she established the first outpatient clinical nutrition clinic there.

She is a health educator and has been in volved in several educational events to increase the awareness of the community at different educational facilities including The Ministry of Education, and she has also been on multiple event  for health awareness purposes.