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Dr. Ibrahim Abdul-Karim Al-Obaida

Dr. Ibrahim Abdul-Karim Al-Obaida

Sub-specialty in glaucoma and cataract surgeries
Ophthalmology Consultant
Sub-specialty in glaucoma and cataract surgeries
Arabic and English
10 years

Core competencies

Laser glaucoma treatment, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery,combined cataract and glaucoma surgeries, and Minimal invasive glaucoma surgery(MIGS).


  • Saudi Board in Ophthalmology
  • Fellowship of KingSaud University in Ophthalmology
  • Fellowship of King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Glaucoma
  • Fellowship of theInternational Council of Ophthalmology
  • Adjunct assistantprofessor at the College of Medicine, Al Faisal University.

About Me / Brief Profile

Dr. Ibrahim Abdul-Karim Al-Obaida is anophthalmology consultant with a sub-specialty in glaucoma and cataractsurgeries. With 10 years of experience, Dr. Al-Obaida has a vast knowledge ofeye care and is well-respected in his field. He speaks both Arabic and Englishfluently, making it easy for him to communicate with patients from diversebackgrounds.

Dr.Al-Obaida is proud of his qualifications, including his Saudi Boardcertification in Ophthalmology and his fellowships from King Saud University,King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, and the International Council ofOphthalmology. He believes that education is an essential component of hisprofession and enjoys being an adjunct assistant professor at the College ofMedicine, Al Faisal University, where he can share his knowledge with futureophthalmologists.

Dr.Al-Obaida is passionate about providing excellent care to his patients,especially those with glaucoma and cataracts. He understands how important goodeyesight is to quality of life, and he strives to provide the best possiblecare to each patient. He is dedicated to staying up to date on the latestadvancements in his field, and he believes in treating each patient as anindividual, with personalized care and attention.