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Dr. Ibtihal Alotaibi

Dr. Ibtihal Alotaibi

Consultant pediatric / Consultant Allergy and Clinical Immunology / Consultant Drug and Vaccine allergies
Consultant pediatric / Consultant Allergy and Clinical Immunology / Consultant Drug and Vaccine allergies
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Dr. Ibtihal Alotaibi is a consultant in allergy and clinical immunology. She has received a fellowship in Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology from King Faisal Specialist Hospital, as well as an allergy fellowship from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She also specializes in medication and complicated vaccination allergies in children and adults.

Dr. Ibtihal is a member of both the American and European Academy of Allergy and Immunology. She teaches as an Assistant Professor in the College of Medicine at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University. She has published multiple research papers and presented them at international conferences.

In addition to her Allergy and Immunology specialty, Dr. Ibtihal Alotaibi treats a diverse variety of patients in her clinic. She also focuses on general pediatric issues and offers full medical services to both young and adult patients.

The main specialties include:

- Food allergies and intolerances.

- Cow's milk allergy in infants.

- Recurrent wheezing , asthma, and respiratory irritations.

- Nasal allergies and sinusitis.

- Skin allergies such as eczema, hives, and other allergic skin diseases.

- Pet allergies and dust mite allergies.

- Insect sting and bee allergies.

- Diagnosis and treatment of anaphylaxis.

- Diagnosis and treatment of drug, vaccine, and medical dye allergies in both adults and children.

- Immunotherapy for allergies.

- Immune evaluations and assessments for children and adults.

- Recurrent infections in children and immune deficiency disorders.

- Upper respiratory tract infections: dealing with cases of cold, throat, nasal, sinus, and middle ear inflammation.

- Common Pediatric diseases.

- General child health: including routine check-ups, vaccinations, healthy nutrition advice, and growth and development management.

Academic qualifications include:

- Bachelor's degree in Medicine and General Surgery, with honors.

- Saudi Board in Pediatrics.

- Fellowship in Allergy and Immunology in Children - King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center.

- Canadian Fellowship in Allergy and Immunology with a sub-specialization in drug and vaccine allergies in both adults and children - McGill University, Canada.