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Dr. Sinan Tabanjeh

Dr. Sinan Tabanjeh

Orthopedics Consultant


  • Master degree in Diabetic Podiatry Care in 2014 – The University of Jordan
  • High diploma in Diabetic Podiatry Care in 2013 – The University of Jordan

Bachelor Degree in Nursing 2009 – Jordan University of Science & Technology

Skill area

  • Perform regular foot exams to check for any signs of neuropathy, circulation problems, or foot deformities.
  • Provide wound care services for diabetics including arterial or venous ulcers, as well as neuropathic ulcers. Including dressing change, minor debridement, prevent infection, offloading injured area and follow-up till achieve the healing.
  • Utilize advanced wound care technologies to promote healing and tissue regeneration such as specialized dressing’s products, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), topical oxygen therapy (TOT) or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.
  • Management of Charcot foot to prevent further complications or injuries.
  • Provide foot and nail care services, such as trimming and filing toenails.
  • Provide treatments for tinea pedis, including topical therapies as well as advice on proper foot hygiene and care to prevent recurrence.
  • Provide recommendations for proper diabetic footwear, which can help prevent foot ulcers and other complications.
  • Management of lower limbs swelling by using compression therapies which can reduce fluid accumulation and prevent complications.

Provide ongoing care and monitoring for patients with diabetes-related foot conditions to help prevent complications and promote healing